Blackberry Norms and Etiquette

This ties into the cell phone use norms post….

Thanks to BlackBerry Cool for pointing out that RIM is getting curious about what the socially acceptable norms and proper etiquette is for smartphone (or more specifically blackberry use)…

What do you think? Do the vary too far from the cell phone use norms?

I think most of the same rules apply (when to answer/not answer, etc); although, there is a new set based on the fact that your emails may be of poor quality and/or you may not understand an email you are reading as well on a smartphone. Add to that the higher tendancy to look at or read/write emails in inapropriate situations….I think that kind of behavior is still violating the acceptable norm, it just doesn’t come with as many sanctions as say working on your blackberry while the doctor is examining you.


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