Exchange 2007: Importing a previous versions database?

There have been several people who found their way to my blog in search of a way to convert an old copy of the Exchange Database to an Exchange 2007 version. Now that would be cool, install a new 64 bit server, plug it into the SAN, and then mount the old Exchange 2000/2003 databases…or…import the databases with the Exchange EDB import tool…..

The problem is that it’s just not going to happen. Although all Ex2k3 SP1+ databases are technically in the same family as Exchange 2007, they are using different features of the jet database. Page sizes are different, log sizes & numbering are different, etc. These feature changes are at the low jet database level, on top of them are even more changes in how the database itself is used (indexing, view creation, writing/reading, etc). These differences would make an old database perform worse under the new architecture which would in turn create unhappy customers, users, and management.

What about a conversion program to convert tables, indexes, etc? I think it could be possible…although the time it would take to convert a single database would be fairly large and filled with potential problems (remember database upgrades of the past?).


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