Life/Work Lessons

Some of you know I married into a Project Management trifecta…My wife, her sister, and their mother are all certifiable….I think in part it’s my own mother’s fault (always telling me to put together a plan)….

I am always learning things from how these women in my life act and of course secretly use them in my personal and professional life in any situation that warrants it. For example I wanted my son to do a chore a day earlier then he wanted to last weekend… out came the plan (thanks mom)….

“Son, I think it’s great that you want to do all of your chores tomorrow, It would be great if we could spend some extra time together today. How about you put together a plan with timings for all of your chores and our family activities for tomorrow. That way you can compare that with the hours you’ll be awake and see if it’s possible.”

…a couple of groans, but hey that’s reasonable. He took after his father and put in the hours that would suit his needs better then mine, darn smart kids. But Dad has been around much longer then that, if he’s going to deflate the required work hours, I’ll suprise him with inflated menial tasks….

“Son, what about brushing your teeth? That usually takes 2 min to get the tooth brush ready, 2 min to brush, 2 min to floss, and 2 min to rinse, we’re talking about 10 minutes to brush your teeth. Times 2 of course….are you sure you put all of your time in the sheet”

In the end I won, he did the chore early and still didn’t get the rest of his chores done the next day (due to unexpected events).

The point is that there are lots of things in life to learn and there are lots of sources to learn from. I came across this post Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life through someone elses blog I ran across (sorry I don’t usually read their blog and didn’t save the link, please comment to let me know who pointed to this link last weekend). There is some great personal/professional advice that anyone can use regardless of your career or lack thereof, there are some lessons to be learned by everyone. I’ll follow up later with my top ten of the posts (as I still haven’t made it to the end of the listings).


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