Exchange 2007: NTBackup.exe

Over the last few weeks I have received a large number of people searching for information on NTBackup with Exchange 2007….Before I go much further, I recomend that everyone try to use VSS or a disk consistency technology to perform backups vs. streaming backups. I say this because streaming backups were de-emphasized in Exchange 2007 which means improvements over previous versions won’t be happening as all of their backup improvement efforts are going towards VSS and the associated technologies (yes, this means that zeroing out deleted pages will have to be easily done outside of a backup window. I suspect improvements like this won’t be too far off) ……So here you go…

Exchange 2007 supports streaming backups (from lots of vendors including Microsoft’s NTBackup) from a stand alone server, a clustered server, and the active node of a continuous replication cluster (CCR). Note streaming backups are not supported from the passive node of a continuous replication cluster (if you want to stream a backup from the passive side, I suggest you evaluate alternate replication technologies, such as RecoverPoint or SRDF/A).

The streaming backups that are built into the windows platform (NTBackup) have a few technical issues that have been discovered over time. They are detailed in KB 839272…to summarize the article, the built in file buffers limit the speed of the backup and as such reduce the overall performance of the backup. This holds true for Windows 2003 32 & 64bit regardless of the version of Exchange.

For you, this means that NTBackup will perform about the same on Exchange 2007 as it does on Exchange 2003. Of course, where you can backup begins to become limited if you are looking at their new feature sets; however, most previous replication scenarios still support streaming backups in the same way they did before. The new replication scenarios (Microsoft’s continuous replication) is another story.


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  1. Jeff Says:


    I was reading your post, and I have a question. Just to preface, I’m not extremely familiar w/ Exchange 2007, but I am the one who installed, configured, and maintains it. I’m in the process of attempting to move both the First and Second Storage Groups from one hard drive to another w/in the same server. The Second Storage Group was no problem, b/c we don’t use the Public Folders. However, the First Storage Group keeps kicking back an error. I’ve traced this error to the fact that the log files in the First Storage Group have not been backed up. I ran NTBackup on them, but it’s not “Exchange-aware,” so the database doesn’t recognize having been backed up. I Googled this and came across mention of an NTBackup API plugin, which makes NTBackup Exchange-aware. However, I couldn’t find the actual plugin. So, my question is this: Do you know of a way to either make NTBackup Exchange-aware or a way to get around having to back up the log files in order to migrate them to a new hard drive? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  2. wafa Says:

    I was reading your post and i found it related to the problem which i faced . I have full ntbackup fpr exchange 2007 mail system and i want restore one account mailbox from this backup so i tried to restore it using recovery storage group . i created the rsg and recovery db then i maked the db allowable to overwritten, then i started restore the ntbakup , but it is failed to restore . so what i must do to restore it ?.
    (i don’t have another backup) .

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