Life is Full of…..

Ah, the weekend is finally here…..after a long week of playing with Exchange and putting together a deck explaining some solutions for Exchange I am finally heading home….Of course, another weekend comes around and another full house. It’s kind of interesting, in the last year and half since I got married to my current wife, I have had more family stay at the house for a night or two then the years of single and married life before that.

This weekend is my father in law (John), my sister in law(Elisa), and my brother in law(Jeremy)…..

My sister in-law escaped with her husband to her Dad’s boat last weekend and now they are all stopping in for the night before heading home. They were in last weekend as well and we celebrated my father in law’s birthday with the family. Of Course Jeremy had his cannon 30D with him and we shared tips and tricks and compared lenses…

This weekend before they all leave I’ll be another year older and unfortunately wiser. This is the first party I’ve had (with more then just family) in years so it should be interesting to see what happens, hopefully we don’t forget to spring forward on Saturday night!! If you are going to be in the area tomorrow, ping me if you want an invite…..


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