What happened to SMS?

SMS was moving along as this nice little platform for people to communicate over. People everywhere (except adults in the US) used it extensively for sending short messages back and forth about important or unimportant items…..

The technology adoption stemmed from a need to communicate over a mobile device without actually talking on the phone. Great for communicating while using public transportation (talking on your phone goes against the acceptable norms). Also great for constant contact with someone (conversing continuously all day long regardless of time/space issues).

Then a few people started playing with how it works and what they can load onto the platform….Most of the early implementations sucked and weren’t used by anyone, but just like gopher…sms evolved

Now there are real working RSS feeds, eMail notification for almost any device and email provider, and now the list of social networking tools based on SMS are getting much stronger.

The interesting thing is the companies and technologies are still early….mobile sms 1.0? There is funding, there are useful technologies, people are using them….but no major consildation has happened in the sms software world yet, there aren’t any sms software heavyweights, and consumers haven’t been spoon fed all of the capabilities.

Perhaps that is changing though….I’m starting to see heavyweights play with SMS for communities…..and families

It will be interesting to see what happens before mobile SMS 2.0 can happen….


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