Database Business Continuity

There are some really neat ideas coming up in business continuity. I have been in session reviews yesterday and today for my team’s upcoming EMC World presentations and I have to say…..if you have ANY database in your company and have NOT looked at EMC’s solutions….it’s about time you do!!

Protecting individual databases (MS SQL 2005, Oracle 10g, DB2 on z/OS, etc), federated databases, Exchange Servers, even SOA infrastructures business continuity, heck you can get all of these into a single continuity plan with our hardware/software suite of products. I know that EMC is moving into a lot of new security and information management things but……..the team I’m on has worked with product management and our partners to put together some really neat BC solutions for all the database products that this information landscape is generating.

Sorry, I am NOT going to include the details here (no need to leak anything I shouldn’t), but I highly recomend you look into getting the decks or attending the presentations from EMC World this year and check out what we’re up to.


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