Blogs, Blogs, and more blogs

Wow, there have been a lot of people starting blogs lately….I’m wondering at what point during the year, the blogosphere will get too saturated and my previous prediction will start to come true. It seems there has been a lot of hype about twitter as the replacement to the blog phenomenon. I tried it a while ago and didn’t see the value in it. A lot of time and effort is spent on updating your own status :(

An old co-worker of mine from the startup days Marcel started blogging, as did the powershell contest winner Nick. Of course Nick is keeping us up to speed with lots of new scripts and tips for you Exchange powershell maniacs. Nick did get the book from Bruce Payette and I’ll let him post a review on it’s quality. Lots of great content on both if you wanted to check out some new blogs!!


2 Responses to “Blogs, Blogs, and more blogs”

  1. samuil Says:

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