Josh’s 5 things

I was just telling you about Nick, the contest winner of Bruce Payette’s book. Besides jumping into blogging, he was recently tagged by Evan Dodds and passed along the never-ending buck to me. It is quite surprising how far this thing has gone…although following the list from Nick, to Evan, to Rodney, to Ben, to Bill, I don’t see Bill English’s 5 things post so the trail runs cold (what’s wrong with leaving irrelevant posts on your blog?)…..until I looked around a bit, I found that Robert gave it to Bill….and the trail continues through a long list of Microsoft Groupies. I guess I’ll partake….

  1. My wife and I own three rental units in addition to our family home. It makes for an interesting first of the month waiting to see what we will have to deal with! None of these have been purchased through redfin, or zillow, or any other online attempt to replace a hard working agent. Our agents have worked countless hours doing our bidding to find perfect deals and teach us how to properly landlord these places. Btw, one of the rentals is open if your interested!!
  2. My goal in High School was to continue playing with computers when I graduated for long enough to become a trial lawyer. Now number one (above) wants a steady income, so number two is on hold until I find a way to make it all work (and I will).
  3. I enjoy things near the water….Scuba Diving, Surfing, and Snowboarding, Boating, Kayaking, etc…all here in Washington State; however, watching any kind of sport is boring (live or on TV).
  4. I have custody of my two boys from my first trial marriage and have since moved on to my lifelong marriage. In between the two, I had a stint as a single father and can attest that single parenting is FUN, REWARDING, and HARD…Yes I am still proud that I personally moved my youngest from diapers and bottles to elementary school….and thankful for all the family I have to rely on.
  5. I only blog, because I like writing and don’t enjoy the long process it takes to write books or magazine articles. Some of my writing work will appear at some point in MS press books, EMC eBooks, etc….But! unless you have a better process for publishing, my work will almost exclusively be here.

Now the hard part….who to tag?

Well the usual suspects Storagezilla, Chuck, & Mark….the unexpected Dave, & lastly, I met Don Jones at the Connections conference, he has an odd array of things you may not know.


2 Responses to “Josh’s 5 things”

  1. David G from, Seattle, WA Says:

    Hi Josh, it’s David from Zillow,

    Just FYI – we are not working to replace real estate agents. You’ll find many great agents marketing their listings on Zillow.

  2. joshmaher Says:

    Great point David, I guess I already knew zillow wasn’t targeting itself as a replacement for agents. Although it is targeting itself as a tool to assist in the management of your home on the market.

    The hard part comes in when valuation is off (higher or lower); buy/sell decisions get skewed. One of our homes we were considering liquidating and based on the Zillow numbers it would have been very profitable. After a good look around at what the real comparables were actually selling for…..we choose to hang on to it. On the other end of the spectrum, another home we were not going to sell, we had reasons to hang onto it and zillow said our profits would be minimal; after our agents floated the idea that it would be a good candidate on the market we let them look into it. It turns out that area of town shot up (in difference to other neighborhoods in the same time frame), and a sale would have been more profitable then previously thought.

    In the end we kept both of these properties. I have mentioned a few improvements to the folks at redfin before in regards to property search….if your listening perhaps I’ll post them…

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