Hosting your email may be viable

It was a huge topic at the Connections conference in orlando this spring……and from the looks of the poll results there are a lot of companies who are looking at it as a valid option (or some hosting bigot kept voting). In the poll update series, the Hosted email poll shows hosting ALL email functions can help a lot of businesses


Yes, but just the archiving/backup


No way, we’ve got easy to use appliances


Yes, but just the inbound messaging


Yes, all email functions should be hosted


Yes, but just the mobile connectivity


No way, the costs don’t match our business needs


Sort of, we want to/are outsource(ing) support of our internal application

2 Responses to “Hosting your email may be viable”

  1. Outsourcing email? « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] From my earlier poll, it looks like the votes are supporting a move for completely outsourcing all email! That is kind of surprising….. There are all the normal questions that people have of outsourced email (virus/spam management, archiving, mobility, compliance, etc)…. […]

  2. cnoff Says:

    i never outsource emails! pfui

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