Can RIM Compete?

There are a lot of conversations about mobile strategies and changes. Fabrizio has a nice roundup of a slice of last week’s activities. Although there doesn’t seem to be a comment on the new player in his space….

The NYT has a write up on Nicholas Fodor‘s free push email service to compete with everyone else (isode, funambol, Synchronica, Microsoft, RIM, etc, etc)….

The interesting thing is that on the same day Microsoft is getting their Live mobile search on RIM‘s device (after using both Google’s app on a BB and the Live app on my dash, the Live app is WAY better, so it’s about time!)….and a VPN client from WickSoft was announced on RIM’s device…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know RIM’s stock isn’t up…..but it looks like RIM is making some solid moves to stay ahead in the enterprise….something the free or provider oriented services will have a very difficult time doing (considering MS can barely break the market with their integrated offering)….


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