Everyone is stoked about EMC

Wow, with EMC’s Q1 earnings and stock on the rise….they are generating a lot of excitement about this Sharepoint + Documentum integration from Microsoft and everyone else. Maybe not as much passion as Jonathan has…..but at least there is some excitement at EMC news that doesn’t contain dollar signs and acquisition announcements!!

Perhaps it’s a side effect of the new marketing efforts EMC has been doing…..like this prize driven video contest……great idea, but why do they keep making up words? Inforati? What in the world is Inforati? Like Chuck’s informationist…..it’s not in the dictionary!!!

It’s great that EMC’s marketing engine is finally catching on to this social media thing……although it would be nice if they took an english class and worked a little more on their transparency!!


One Response to “Everyone is stoked about EMC”

  1. EMCWorld2007: Sessions & Inforati « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] of course there is this Inforati Video Awards thing, I mentioned Inforati earlier and Storagezilla pointed me over to a funny video that was posted to the site. I […]

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