Still not going to Exchange 2007?

Despite all of the great new features, most people I have talked to aren’t going to Exchange 2007 just for the sake of going to Exchange 2007……it’s more of a “we were going to upgrade anyway, so why not go to 2007” statement then any excitement to spend time and money on the upgrade.

 There is nothing wrong with that, and to be honest…..unless your one of those specific customers who need one of the new features (like lack of PF administration, expanded rules, or better OWA client)…..I don’t see any reason to upgrade to improve your environment’s stability or core functionality. Most of the core functionality is a little more incremental in nature in preparation for an upcoming release that will really impact your environment (by making it better not worse). Maybe that will be E14 or E15…..we’ll have to wait and see.

If you still want to check it out though or are one of those customers on the upgrade path already….and can’t convince management to get you a lab, I’m sure you’ve tried the downloadable Virtual machines from MS. Another option is the free Unisys trial. At any rate, figuring out how your server administration and licensing model may be impacted by changes that are in the product is important and something to understand……understanding the impact of managing UM, messaging rules, or backups for thirty two storage groups is something you need to include in your plan!


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