EMC World Press Dinner

Wow!! I just got an email from PR inviting all of the regular EMC bloggers to attend the press dinner at EMC World!

This is a HUGE step forward for EMC!! Maybe someone up there is listening to the customers…..well it’s about time! With myself in Seattle and Storagezilla in Ireland, we have a different perspective from the corporate types in the middle…..but those corporate types are listening! They are blogging (hopefully they’ll blog EMC World), the PR folks seem to recognize the importance, and the marketing folks seem to have a clue as well. I think it’s a long stretch from having an EMC Community manager or Web Strategist…..but we are moving along nicely with a few real techies like yourself and a few acquired experts driving the change!

What do you think? What kinds of things would rather see from EMC and the bloggers who like the company?

Perhaps by the next EMC World we’ll be further along and host a blogger dinner….like the one at SNW and that Anil and I are trying to setup for the Seattle/Redmond area community!


7 Responses to “EMC World Press Dinner”

  1. Anil Gupta Says:

    I guess EMC World is trying to position you non-corporate internal bloggers as Press/ Media/ Independents and separate from “Legends in their own Living Room” bloggers.

    Congratulations for getting invited to press dinner

    So, when are we having blogger dinner in GSA? Do you think Blogger Golf will work?

  2. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Like the attention given to Analysts, Press, or Media, PR firms are recongizing that consumers/employees/bloggers are yet another way for them to get their messaage out. This is good.

  3. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Oh yeah, EVERYONE in your company is a community evangelist. Why should this be the responsibility of just one person? When I was the community manager at HDS, sometimes my job was to connect prospects and customers with the right employee and then for me to step out of the way.

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  5. Chris M Evans Says:

    I guess mine’s in the post or I don’t blog enough good stuff about EMC! :-)

  6. joshmaher Says:

    Well, if Anil and I get our Seattle Dinner together….your invited! Plus I’m working on EMC for a blogger dinner next year in vegas……if there is enough people asking for it, it might work :)

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