Tuning the channel

Is that better? Are my messages coming through clear now?

My favorite wordpress theme…..Rubric….which is used by Jon and Dorai…..was annoying for too many people. So after a lot of trial and error…..I have picked the Kubrick theme by Michael Heilemann.

I know some people won’t accomodate messed up designs, despite their community asking them to fix it…..but……Considering the point of the blog is for me to write, you to read, respond, and us to converse……I think I’ll make that easier to happen.

If this doesn’t work out, perhaps I’ll move this off of wordpress.com and find a better place to point http://joshuamaher.com to.

So check out the site and the header (turnbull cove, CAN), subscribe, and let me know what you think!!


2 Responses to “Tuning the channel”

  1. dorai Says:

    Hi Josh,
    I did not know Rubric theme was annoying to people. In fact some people thought it was cool. I played around with a few before settling down on Rubric. I think that was because it gives more space (while not needed for text, definitely useful when there are pictures).

    This one looks cool too as are couple of other designs. I try different ones for different blogs.

    Good luck with this one.

  2. joshmaher Says:

    Yeah the pictures weren’t scaling on rubric (although I still like the way it looked), so if you have a post with pictures, they cross the main blog post frame into the side frame :(

    I had a few people tell me that before and and I switched to using links from other sites for pictures (so posting to flickr, then linking the picture in, etc). But apparently that doesn’t help either. I guess the theme could be edited….but there is an upgrade fee for those things…..

    Glad you like the new one, it was the best replacement I could find!

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