Mix07: Whirlwind of presenters….

And a lot of interesting information, watching it with the RobertCam Group was great and their insights were enjoyable….even if Microsoft’s stock is down :(

Ray’s Keynote…..analysis

SilverLight Gets CLR

SilverLight Screencasts

SilverLight Release Schedule

SilverLight’s Missing Feature

SilverLight Streaming – hosted by MS

More Information


4 Responses to “Mix07: Whirlwind of presenters….”

  1. NDH » Netflix instant watching movie player in Silverlight Says:

    […] the video at here first link “Ray’s Keynote”, about minute […]

  2. colinizer Says:

    Glad to be able to share some thoughts on it.

    I good summary of what’s cool about it, is here: http://colinizer.wordpress.com/2007/04/30/silverlight-what-is-cool-about-it/

  3. joshmaher Says:

    Great screen shots of the Netflix app NDH!!

    That will be interesting to see come to reality, kind of taking traditional cable and amazon.com head on for internet delivery of h/b ollywood films. Using Netflix is a great way to partner into the space…. Bill G has talked about the internet causing new delivery of traditional things a lot lately add that to the newly added director on the MS board and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of this.

  4. joshmaher Says:

    Hey Colinizer, I like that write up….it’s good to include the good things along with the bad things about the technology :)

    It will be interesting to see how this is deployed to users and if they will really have to go download it everytime they re-install their OS or everytime an update is released….kind of a pain from the xbox/mobile devices.

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