Somewhere between onsite storage and Amazon’s S3

Karen over at eWeek has the the story about EMC & Unisys partnering up to offer hosted storage services for customers. This is an interesting strategy change that is barely explored by Karen. With the rise of Amazon’s S3 which allows storage at $0.15GB, more customers and startups have questioned their onsite storage solutions and moved to alternative methods of data storage. One thing that is missing in the cloud solution is the integrated data management that comes with an onsite storage solution. For those customers who need a little bit of management and a lot cheaper storage, they have still been stuck purchasing substandard storage or good storage with no one to manage it…..

……Enter hosted storage by EMC|Unisys… customers can get both integrated storage management from the start and a completely hands off approach to the whole thing….or the integrated storage with a little bit of hands on. This is a great concept, although it is odd that EMC isn’t hosting it themselves and I don’t see any pricing anywhere. It will be interesting if the pricing is aggressive enough to draw the web 2.0 crowd to use the EMC|Unisys offering vs. Amazon’s S3 offering. There are pros and cons to both storage outsourcing models and there is enough data in the world to support both of these offerings (and probably a couple more)….


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