EMCWorld2007: Blogger attendance

Well it looks like Storagezilla will be heading to the EMC World conference this year….maybe his EMC World vlogs will not include grandma’s dishes?

Perhaps he can report on one of the three sessions listed as GURU level? I’m not sure what makes them Guru level…here is one that I found interesting…

Topic Title: Centera’s Self-Healing Architecture
Abstract: This session is an in-depth look at how EMC Centera stores content for long-term archiving. EMC Centera’s hardware-independent storage capabilities make it the ideal platform for long-term data storage. Discussion topics include the mechanics for regeneration and data protection schemes, dealing with large objects, and best practices to ensure that data remains readable and accessible to future computing systems and applications.
Prerequisite: An advanced knowledge of EMC Centera/CAS.
At the end of this session, you will be able to:
1) Understand how EMC Centera stores data to guarantee data longevity.
2) Understand how EMC Centera protects data for long-term immutability and accessibility.
3) Understand how the EMC Centera’s self-healing architecture enables the system to recover from faults without data loss.
Type of Session: Lecture
Level: Guru
Audience: Technical
Conference: EMC Technology Summit

Hmm…..does that mean your a guru when you enter or when you leave? Either way it sounds interesting to me.

Since I’m not going, I got a chance to look at another co-worker’s near final product Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Always On Technologies for Symmetrix DMX… Another great presentation if you ask me. I’ll try and get him cornered for an interview…


2 Responses to “EMCWorld2007: Blogger attendance”

  1. Storagezilla Says:

    Those plates are older than your country. ;-p

    As for reporting on sessions, neh, if I started doing that why would anyone bother attending?

    With regard to Centera, I was one of the peons sent over to Filepool back when we bought them so I’ve know about organic and inorganic regeneration for a few years now.

  2. joshmaher Says:

    Didn’t it sell out already?

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