Home Search…Made Easy!!

This is really cool! John and Galen were talking about this feature yesterday that was added to ShackPrices.com…For a potential home buyer, this feature is a must!

In addition to ShackPrices extensive search results (including number of blocks from bus routes, number of blocks from parks, school information, and places to go). Galen and team added the capability to search for homes on particular bus routes!! That is huge….especially for us Seattlelites where bus routes are limited and not being near a particular bus route may mean another gridlock victim is born.

As an example….if you worked for a large software vendor in Redmond, and you wanted to live in North Seattle…..you may have a need to catch THE ONLY BUS to campus! Enter Shackprices.com…


There you have it…every home for sale within a quarter mile of the 242 bus line. That is freakin cool! Way to go ShackPrices!!!


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