Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6?

I finally had a few cycles to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 this weekend….and yes Jason, it Rocks!!


Downloading the upgrade was a pain in the butt, I had to turn off my firewall & pop-up blocker (i’m not sure what T-mobile was doing and I didn’t have the time to worry about it). But after I had it downloaded the install went fairly well although it was a bit annoying that there is no backup/restore feature in active sync! Had this been my FAVORITE mobile email platform…..I could have backed up all my settings and upgraded the device with ZERO re-configuration. Another huge annoyance is that the feature to delete emails for things like hotmail is gone. I can mark them as read now, but there is no feature to delete them. Of course the key lock is gone (which I used all the time), the vibrate before ring feature is gone (which I used all the time)…There are a lot of things missing so far :( I did use the GAL lookup feature, but that is a rarity that I used it even with my BB device so it’s not an amazing feature to have and I don’t think the voice command is useful on a regular basis (neat technology, but how does it make things better)?. I guess Microsoft has a few more tricks to learn then how to manage email on a mobile device.

Overall though, I still think my WM6 upgrade experience is better then WM5….with the live services integrated…they are much more useful!! For my purposes (more then email) it’s still the best music player/podcaster/video recorder/phone/email/blah/blah/blah device to own….sorry RIM :(


3 Responses to “Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6?”

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  2. Tazmanian Devil Says:

    I am able to delete my Hotmail messages just fine. See the ‘Delete’ softkey at the bottom left of the screen? ;)

    As for the keylock, just press and hold the red (end call) key.

    Btw, I love the Setup Email feature – it wasn’t available with WM5. Really made setting up my AOL and Gmail accounts a snap! No server settings, no nonsense… just had to provide my email address and password.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Actually, WM6 still has vibrate then ring and vibrate and ring. Also for the notifications, it has vibrate then sound and vibrate and sound. Go to the profiles screen, and select edit from the menu.

    On my moto q9, it has keylock as well.

    Good luck!

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