EMCWorld: Small update

This week has been crazy and internet access is difficult to come by in EMC buildings…kind of lame (perhaps that is part of the reason the culture is so different)….but I heard something today that I wanted to share.

A lot of our internal meetings this week have been discussing EMC strategy, technical best practices, positioning, etc, etc, etc….. Of course that means we have been talking about our competitors, our partners, and our customers. The fact that EMC hasn’t been running around with huge powerpoint decks or whitepapers telling everyone how to deploy Exchange 2007 on EMC gear came up….and well we had a LONG discussion about this. Then someone commented on the decks we are going to be presenting at EMC World this year (I’ve been telling you a little about them for a while)….The comment was that customers have seen a lot of information on Exchange 2007 from Microsoft…..then they have seen that same information from other vendors in whitepapers…..then the information from vendors in powerpoints, then the same information again in a different powerpoint from the same vendors…..and again, and again, and again, and again, vendor after vendor after vendor…………but what about the decks at EMC World this year?

Well there have been a lot of long hours in the labs by a lot of people to validate and quantify all these claims….well the one or two claims that these vendors and partners keep parroting back to customers…..which means these decks will be presenting information that hasn’t been revealed in other presentations or whitepapers!! So yeah everyone in the room was pretty stoked and were begging to get the presentations to show you.

Btw, The presenters agreed to an interview about the decks (in case you can’t make it to EMC World)….now it’s just a matter of getting it done and convincing the EMC corporate folks that the interviews can be posted externally…


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