Life: Glass Blowing

This is really neat stuff!!

Marc Rubbing It In

One of our tenants (Marc) is an artist…

A glass blower to be more specific. Since we moved into a new house, he invited us down to the studio to help make a house warming gift. So last Friday evening after work the family headed down to belltown in Seattle to Seattle Glass Blowing Studio. We had the opportunity to watch Marc blow a gorgeous purple vase that he added to his huge collection of already blown glass. After seeing the process that Marc and his various apprentices went through we realized we would be in for a treat. Being a part of the process can be interesting when Marc is coordinating everyone’s time…but he can put together amazing pieces in a very short amount of time.

After a few questions about what we wanted, he started doing his thing….asking people to prepare colored glass wraps, get air ready, get the fire ready, get torches ready, and then he went to it. Orchestrating a glob of glass into a beautiful colored bowl.

This is by far one of the nicest pieces we have….Thanks Marc!!

Btw, if you want one for yourself feel free to wander down to pike place market and see what he has. Marc is usually at the end of the market outside letting the sun reflect on his beautiful artwork (closer to the park) !! If your just in town briefly or live here, you should really check it out….




One Response to “Life: Glass Blowing”

  1. Emily Sauten Says:

    I bought a piece of art glass from this gentleman at the Pike Place Market
    and when we got it home the bottom fell out, it was some of the shoddiest art glass we had ever seen, the only reason my husband did purchase it was because of the blue haired girl was quite friendly and he knew she worked on commission.

    we brought the piece back and the fuzzy faced “artist” and I use that term loosely, was in the middle of a drug deal, Pike place Market really needs to screen their vendors a lot more closely. But he did let us trade the piece for another shoddy piece, it sits on our back porch as an ashtray.


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