Google Enterprise applications

I was on EMC’s campus last week and found a link that was sent to me by a trusted friend. I hit the link to see what the deal was and was kindly presented with a screen that had the following text….

Your IP address:
The URL is:
The category of this URL is:Online Storage

Now, I admit it, I like the idea of Google spreadsheets, docs, diagrams, & presentations…..especially for kids!! Even though MS has a cheap version of MS office for students (w/o outlook)….it’s still a bit spendy (even if you get the employee discount). Spendy you ask? That’s right it is EXPENSIVE! Every kid in my family needs a copy….both of my sons, my nephews, my not related children, my friends children, my younger cousins….the list really goes on and on and on……why not just send them to the online apps that are free? Yes, any money over $0 is more expensive in a student based use of an office product.

So what about enterprises? Well I had some concerns early on….and apparently my company has some concerns about it’s employees using it as well. I know there has been lots of banter back and forth about this…..but Google is saying this is Not a Microsoft Office competitor either. I guess my company tends to agree that it’s not a useful tool….and more of a threat then anything else.

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