Lunch 2.0 @ Wetpaint


Was a huge Success!! Thanks Wetpaint, Eyejot, & ZenZui!!! Also thanks Rand & Trevor for the insights into search (I think everyone learned something from you guys)!!

There was a huge crowd (especially when you count the wetpaint staff, the really cool people in Seattle who came, and the rest of the sponsors)


Trevor kicked things off and let us all in on the secret that is….all I have to say is that if you are not using it today….you NEED to be!



Rand followed up Trevor’s talk with a talk about linking and the lessons learned from link spam from years past. There were some excellent lessons (I think the decks will be posted soon)…


Ben speaking about Wetpaint

David speaking about Eyejot

I didn’t get Zenzui on video….but I did get a demo!! I think Zenzui is permanently encouraged & invited to come to every event and show off their app…. It is really innovative!


It wasn’t the only innovative thing I saw though! There was some other really cool companies there that are going to help sponsor or speak at the upcoming events… Luckily Zillow is going to host the next one here in Seattle so let me know if you have something to share with the community!!

And of course before I left…I had to pee


7 Responses to “Lunch 2.0 @ Wetpaint”

  1. David G from, Seattle, WA Says:

    Thanks for organizing, Josh — great initiative!

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  4. SV Web Builder Says:


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