Documentum vs. Sharepoint?

What! I thought EMC and MS were working together to make these two products compliment each other!!

Well Johnny has a list of eight differences between the products. The key differences are not competitive though. For example Sharepoint integrates with MS Office (duh)…..while Documentum provides the integration to non MS apps….hmm this makes sense :) The rest of the differences outlined by Johny show some clear scenarios where you would want to implement one over the other…

Thanks Johnny!!


4 Responses to “Documentum vs. Sharepoint?”

  1. johnnygee Says:

    Hey Josh,
    You missed my previous blog about how EMC has spent a lot of R&D to integrate MOSS with Content Server:

    I think going forward, one has to ask what will happen to eRoom.

  2. Sharepoint & Documentum « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] & Documentum I know….the last post on this topicwas reversed…..Documentum was written in before Sharepoint…..oh and there was a […]

  3. Nazneen Says:

    Well im still confused which one to opt for?
    My core requirements are Document Repository and Version control with effective Search Engine and Role-Based Access been provided as a security requirement.
    Kindly Suggest which one is better Eroom or Sharepoint or if any other Vendors if u can suggest plz…

  4. pitso Says:

    What document management system will you recommend for 30 people, currently we are using shared folder in our shared drive, read, write access problems,

    Thanks for your help

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