Two Seattle Lunch 2.0’s already!

With two Seattle Lunches already done or planned (by planned I mean the attendee list is full – 50 people and the waitlist is growing – and speakers have been announced – John Cook & Rich Barton)….

Who will be next in the Wide World of Seattle Lunch 2.0…..

….maybe Avvo now that they are up and running….one or all of the various live groups that have space in the area ..popshopsRedfin….MelodeoAltus… …webfivescdigix….isilon….Real….flowplay…Wishpot…. SongSlidegridnetworkriplextrahop….housevalues…. clearwire… zeebitsmercentbluedot…. treemonewsvinecurious office..Seattle Video Pages..Illumita…..GotVoice ….MovayaPelago…..Xoompad ………Real Networks <-anyone from Real want to host? Amazon would be great to go have a look at for lunch! There are way too many cool companies for me to link to!!

There are a ton of local Seattle companies that I have talked to that just don’t have the space….but they have enough money for lunch or cookies….if you want to host and not sponsor any of the eats…Let me know – we can make that work too!!

I’d really like to see the Amazon offices….xBox offices….the Avvo offices….the Real offices… the Wishpot offices…The MS Live offices….any offices in the Smith Tower….The Google Seattle & Kirkland offices…..The isilon offices…. What do you want to see? – Let me know!

Of course, it would be neat to attend one of the South coast lunches as well. For example the previous Lunch 2.0s at LinkedIn & Netgear…. or ….. the upcoming Lunch 2.0 at Ning next week, or the SimplyHired lunch at the end of the month, even the Lunch 2.0 Happy hour would be great to attend…


3 Responses to “Two Seattle Lunch 2.0’s already!”

  1. Lone Pedersen Ghanem Says:

    i am new to all this and i am not sure how this is working yet but i desided to send a short message to say that i do want to join in…ok?

    best regards


  2. joshmaher Says:

    Hey Lone, go sign up on!!

  3. Lone Pedersen Ghanem Says:

    finaly i did sign in

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