Blog replacement

Last year, I predicted blogs would be replaced in 2007. Well more specifically….I said that blogs as we know them would disappear. To a large extent they have. The stream of open expression has moved to & twitter. While the corporate engine has adjusted it’s DNA and is trying to express it’s desired culture to the masses through blogging. That is not a bad thing, in fact it is forcing organizations to accept blogging as a new medium for marketing and causing the internal behaviors to change. This is great for customers who are interested in deeply understanding product strategy and direction of a company. For example an EMC customer’s CIO had better be an active reader of StorageZilla‘s, Chuck Hollis‘s, Craig Randall‘s, and Barry Burke‘s blogs. Without doing this there is no way they can have a cohesive picture of the products, alliances, and solution validation happening at EMC. Sure they can hear what the field says or read the press releases…..but considering the internal employees learn just as much as anyone else from these blogs…..customers should be reading them!

But what does that say for blogs as we used to know them? The ones more like mine? I talk about work and the technology industry….but I also talk about boating, glass blowing, kids, real estate, and the Seattle community. Not too interesting when it comes to EMC strategy or upcoming EMC technology. If I think it’s interesting I talk about it….if you want to join me at my water cooler or tune in to my amateur radio broadcast…great! my blog isn’t going away and I don’t have the time to keep up on twitter or the equipment to stream :)

So what of the future now that blogging is really making a change? Well Dave Winer didn’t stop blogging as promised, but lots of people are starting to notice my prediction coming true. Kevin over at Lexblog has a post discussing the change in blogging and he quotes articles from businessweek and The number or overall blog readers across the board is increasing and customer’s of companies are truly benefiting from companies being on the web with blogs. We need the change and I’m willing to give up the exclusive title of blogger if it means that I can interact with the Comcast blog to present my long list of complaints about their phone service. It is a much better presence to give the public and a much easier way to interact.

So it’s good that blogs are being replaced….I still haven’t found a next cool medium for me to use though…


2 Responses to “Blog replacement”

  1. Storagezilla Says:

    Jeeze, between RAID & blogging dying I’m not sure of the status of anything at the moment. At least if it’s being reported by the blogosphere that is. ;)

    To be honest I have no idea what is replacing blogging though I do know that for social butterflies it is all about Twitter and it’s ilk.

  2. Craig Randall Says:

    Blogs are dead. Long live blogs.

    Seriously, I don’t think that blogs are dying more than becoming a core around which additional functionality is being provided.

    There will always be blogs as web-logs (i.e. just a medium for the individual author that just happens to be public, or not). However, for those who blog to acquire and nuture a community, blogs may be insufficient. Enter social networks…

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