Outsourcing email?


Sort of, we want to/are outsource(ing) support of our internal application


No way, the costs don’t match our business needs


Yes, but just the archiving/backup


Yes, all email functions should be hosted


No way, we’ve got easy to use appliances


Yes, but just the mobile connectivity


Yes, but just the inbound messaging

From my earlier poll, it looks like the votes are supporting a move for completely outsourcing all email! That is kind of surprising….. There are all the normal questions that people have of outsourced email (virus/spam management, archiving, mobility, compliance, etc)….

But what about some of the more business critical components of the email system….you know the ones that make email the most important application in the enterprise?

How would an outsourcer…..

  • Integrate with workflow applications that rely on email?
  • Deal with encryption from the client to the host without reducing client functionality?
    • um, I can’t live without half the new features in outlook 2007 already!
  • Handle federated disaster restart?
    • Yes if my database says the customer was sent an email….they darn well better be regardless of the Nor’easter that just took out my servers!

Perhaps there is another explanation? Perhaps a local company that reads my blog inflated the poll….wait a minute….that’s not the only company with local offices pushing outsourcing. EMC is pushing outsourced storage, Google has their outsourced gmail, Azaleos lives down the road from MS, Amazon has “The Cloud“….so how will companies who have their email in one datacenter, their databases in another, and their web applications in “The Cloud” maintain their infrastructure as one cohesive entity? I guess that’s a bigger question and a much larger discussion….

We’ll get to that…in the meantime Go vote for what you think of outsourcing…


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