Today – Lunch 2.0 @ Zillow!

Come find me at today!! Includes some Zillow announcements?!! Yeah!! This is kind of cool! I guess Zillow is trying to not let Wetpaint be the only seattle company to announce features at our Lunch 2.0 events. I hope the trend continues (hint, hint – Max)!!

Don’t forget!

For live attendance, use the map to get there

999 Third Ave., Suite 4600, Seattle WA 98104

Btw, did you see that we have our 3rd Lunch 2.0 being hosted at Wishpot at the beginning of August just before Gnomedex (along with ZenZui & nPost)? I think the registration is almost full even though Terry is trying to get more people to sign up! Perhaps we’ll have another up here before the techcrunch party although we won’t be giving away $50k, but if you come you can practice your pitch before you head down to the party….

Now the question is… who will host? Will Amazon, Microsoft, or Google give us an end of summer blow out and open the doors to 100 plus guests? Will MS host and add xbox or zune give aways?!?! Will another solid local entrepreneur step up and show Seattle what running a business with cool technology is really about?


One Response to “Today – Lunch 2.0 @ Zillow!”

  1. Mark Chrisman Says:

    Thanks for helping initiate this in Seattle. It seems like a fun and easy way to connect the community. I am looking forward to attending (someday).

    So far I have only made the watch list. I guess I need to be quicker on the draw. If I volunteer to help, does that get me in the door…just kidding…well half kidding.

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