Welcome to the blogosphere Brian

My colleague and friend Brian Tirch has started blogging about Exchange! Not only is Brian a talented consultant with EMC, he has also heavily influenced MS products through betas, MS Learning, and technical reviews for my friend Jim McBee. His first posts are great and he is definitely added to my reader!!

Welcome to the blogosphere Brian! I’m glad your here!


4 Responses to “Welcome to the blogosphere Brian”

  1. billy Says:

    Man your banner is craptastic! The white text just doesn’t work where its placed on that image bro!

  2. CaptainJack Says:

    Did MS teach you to make this crappy banner?

  3. joshmaher Says:

    Thanks billy… er Captain Jack, would you mind hooking up something a little better? I’d be happy to use it!!

  4. Exchange Exchange | Blog | A new Exchange blogger has entered the fold Says:

    […] Thanks to Josh for pointing this out. […]

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