Wow! What a Lunch 2.0!!

Go Zillow

I met a ton of new poeple, put faces to other names, and got a couple of free hats!! Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Zillow was a great event for the second ever in Seattle. It was also timely with the new neighborhoods launch!!

Wow, what a crowd

I learned a lot about Yapta (I think my family is going to use this from now on, getting cheap flights for four is hard!), learned a ton from Rich Barton & John Cook.

John Cook

John Cook, who sat on the panel with Rich Barton has a great write up of the comments along with some audio. Rich of course pleased every entrepreneur in the room with his insights into running technology companies and getting funded….

Rich Barton

It seems we got a lot more of the “press” at this event… along with more bloggers too!! Brier has a neat write up on Rich’s commie view of the web which includes the commie website craigslist, and follows it up with a post regarding listing Washington state in the top five states for business.

Yummy Food!!

The food was of course great, and despite Drew getting a count of over 100 attendees everyone had plenty to eat! The next Seattle Lunch 2.0 is already full!! So you’ll have to sneak in or get a cheap ticket using Yapta to go attend Mixer 2.0 @ Hitachi Data Systems or Lunch 2.0 @ Powerset!

There are more pics on flickr with the “Seattle Lunch 2.0 Zillow” tag (feel free to upload more if you took them)! Unfortunately, Chris didn’t have internet access to stream with (kind of lame), we’ll have to make sure we can get Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Wishpot streamed!! Also for all of you who came to lunch instead of the adobe AIR bus….Thanks – maybe we can get Adobe to host a lunch in the future!!


10 Responses to “Wow! What a Lunch 2.0!!”

  1. polyGeek Says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great time. I’d love to come to the next one. Especially if you can get Adobe to host it. You should probably talk to Ryan Stewart about that.

    See you soon,

  2. billy Says:

    Man those look delicious, both of those women! yeehaa!

  3. Dave Sanford Says:

    Hey Josh,
    Great to meet you and thanks for putting Lunch 2.0 together! It’s great to help bring Seattle’s entrepreneurial community together. Let me know what you think of Yapta. I’ll talk to the crew here about hosting an event at Yapta HQ.


  4. Ryan Stewart Says:

    Sounds like the Lunch 2.0 was awesome. It woudl be cool to have Adobe host it, so hopefully we can talk about the next one.

  5. joshmaher Says:

    Yes!! Have you seen all these crazy events my counterparts are doing in the SF!! more then one per week! Are you kidding me!! You’ve got my email address Dave, let me know what the Yapta folks think (btw, I heard Zillow actually got real recruiting action yesterday in case you guys are hiring too)… As far as yapta, I need to show my wife (she usually does the ticket shopping), plus I want to try it for our tix to vegas next month.

  6. joshmaher Says:

    Ryan, we should definitely have Adobe host one. There are a ton of people who would want to go check out your place!! I’ll contact you offline for dates/etc

  7. Dave Sanford Says:

    Will do Josh. We are, of course, hiring ;-)

    Trip to vegas sounds like the perfect opportunity to give Yapta a spin. You might even end up with extra $ to throw in the slots or on a the poker table…

  8. Nathan Kaiser Says:

    Josh, thanks for putting on the great event. I am really looking forward to the one at Wishpot!

  9. Etienne Teo Says:

    Hi josh! It was amazing to see seattle lunch fully book and it got to be a fun day.

  10. The Naked Truth « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] Naked Truth We all know Zillow has hosted a great Lunch 2.0 event… and despite Redfin, Jobster, iLike, WildTangent, or Farecast not hosting any – YET, […]

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