The Naked Truth

We all know Zillow has hosted a great Lunch 2.0 event… and despite Redfin, Jobster, iLike, WildTangent, or Farecast not hosting any – YET, they are putting on a great event, titled The Naked Truth on July 24th with Madrona partners and my favorite wiki – WetPaint – at the Havana Social Club. It looks like quite the who’s who of the Seattle entrepreneurial scene (a little more so then gnomedex). I was fairly stoked that it was a.) FREE b.) not late in the evening! So I signed up for the event and was all set to attend…. Then Microsoft’s Techready 5 got in the way (it is their bi-annual internal tech conference, the one after techready 4) :(

So despite wanting to go I have to give up my spot…..

Enter the dilemna!

With the sign-up page being a wiki if I remove my name and numbered spot (#105) from the RSVP wiki, there is no auto-correction of the remaining people who want to attend… so the numbers would be off (unless someone wants to go correct 145 names on the list).

Despite the organizers opening up attendance to 250, they still have requests, so a better solution may be for me to replace my spot with someone who wants to go…. if that’s you leave me a comment… That is for both the panel discussion and the after party!

I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next Seattle Lunch 2.0 to catch up with what’s happening in Seattle…


2 Responses to “The Naked Truth”

  1. Brian Says:

    Good point- I just found a spot in the top 250 that was open…

  2. Todd Says:

    Hey… I’d love to go. Email me if I can take your spot. Thanks

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