July 18th – One year of blogging

One year!?! That’s all it’s been!! Who’s getting me a blogoversary present?

Street Paving tar truck

My first post titled “Microsoft IT using Clariion and Replication Manager/SE” seems like a lifetime ago. Isn’t RM/SE EOL already? I guess time really does fly on the internet. Every time I post something I learn something new. I’ve met countless friends, contacts, and foes. I’ve had trouble at work, been praised at work, and been recruited away from work. I’ve gone from one or two visitors per day to over 8k hits per month! I proudly have a technorati rating of 131,477 and best of all, I am REALLY enjoying it still. I won’t go into the lessons learned like Marc, and I won’t post all the stats like Jeremiah (who btw, helped me figure out this whole blogging thing in the first place, THANKS!). I will say that I average 350-400 hits¬†visitors per day currently and that number rises monthly as do my subscriptions.

Of course I’ve been pitched by a number of companies to promote their various wares; although, I haven’t been approached for anyone trying to sponsor my blog. I guess those go-getter-new-age-ad pros think the only value of blogging is pay-per-post style mentions of their company….. Sorry, I’d never treat my friends who read my blog that way….

I’ve also learned a lot about marketing, advertising, RSS, SEO, CSS, and the like. I was quite suprised to discover how much a little knowledge of things like this play into a better blog and readership experience. I’ve even taken some of the knowledge I’ve learned from these things and innovated with my employer and with my other projects. I have also learned a lot about community and corporate evangelism. I have sparked countless bloggers interest at EMC, and coaxed and encouraged quite a few to jump into the blogosphere (Chuck is doing a lot of encouraging too, I hope we see Doc blogging soon!!)

I think the best thing out of the last year are the friends I’ve gained, If you’ve been lurking feel free to leave a comment or send me an email!!


6 Responses to “July 18th – One year of blogging”

  1. Allan Says:

    Congrats! How about starting off with a new “About Me” section?

  2. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    I don’t deserve this, you did all the hard work yourself!

  3. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    BTW you mean visits, not hits right?

  4. Anil Gupta Says:


    Congratulations on first anniversary of your blog. When are you throwing the beer fest? Will bring you 1st anniversary gift ;-)


  5. brianatportent Says:

    I’ll bring some wine.

  6. joshmaher Says:

    yes Jeremiah, visitors :)

    Hmm, Anil, Brian…. local blogger party to celebrate :) Now I need to convince the wife to have everyone over….

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