Fans of High End Storage

Well I haven’t been feeling well the last two days :( So I have been slow on email and posts. I read Chuck’s latest post and thought it was a great way to help introduce…. A Storage related facebook group… Fans of High End Storage! Now a lot of you may be thinking, “Facebook is for college kids”… Chuck, StorageAnarchist, StorageZilla, and everyone else, why don’t you come on over and try it out. I’ve found a lot of my partners there, along with good friends, colleagues, neighbors, and customers! The Fans of High End Storage group is a place to talk about things relevant to high end storage, heated discussions are ok, but of course slander and being mean is NOT ok. It’s not just for EMC’ers…. any fan of high end storage (whether you run it, build it, sell it, blog about it, or do anything else with it), even the suddenly missing HDS blogger, David Merrill is welcome to join us!!

Check it out, you’ll have to login, but trust me it’s worth it :)

2 Responses to “Fans of High End Storage”

  1. Blake Golliher Says:

    This is great! I’ll totally join. And you should know, facebook runs 0 EMC hardware. But we are looking at them…. :)

    Thanks for starting this, there’s also a group called storagegurus that was started by some guys I used to work with at yahoo.

  2. Fans of Microsoft Exchange Server « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] of Microsoft Exchange Server Wow!! I know I just told you about the Fans of High End Storage facebook group and are already 21 members and a few lively discussions!! This was all before I […]

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