Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ ????

If Microsoft wants to try a non-candlelit dining experience…. they should add a Seattle Lunch 2.0 to their venue :) Other then that though, it looks like they had a great event, and another one today @ Meebo, and one the day after that!! OK, now I am getting a little jealous Terry :(

We’ve got Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Wishpot next Friday with ZenZui providing desert, Snapvine sponsoring the food, and of course nPost sponsoring drinks!

After that where do you want eat? Amazon…Adobe…Cardomain….whitepages….widemile….microsoft…RealNetworks… where else?! Let me know if you want to host or know someone who wants to host!!


One Response to “Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ ????”

  1. terry chay Says:

    Heh. Keep that jealousy flowing, friend. And keep the kick ass Seattle Lunch 2.0’s going. :-D

    I think we’ll be able to get Microsoft Mountain View to host a second Lunch 2.0 this summer. What’s going on at the mothership? That’s embarrassing!

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