Online storage

Yikes, loads of news about online storage today…even if the space is already crowded

There is a very clear migration path for companies interested in investing in developers instead of storage…..

  • Free – Live (or the other free competitors) – good for sharing source code or keeping backups
    • I like the security features that SkyDrive seems to have, even if I didn’t really get to play with it yet – maybe next week…
  • Paid – Google (or the other paid competitors) – good for sharing lots more schedules, code,etc
    • Upgradeable to 250GB is nice, especially if I can use it for all my google apps
  • Paid – Amazon S3 (no real competitors) – good for hosting your compiled source code, provided the storage is up
    • Great leader in the space; although, a solid offering and pay for performance would be nice
  • Paid – EMC (no real competitors) – use this one when your making money and are ready to remove the beta tag, with SLAs, DR, etc.
    • When it gets here, it will be great, really – it will!! You can store the data from your upteen billion ipods (or whatever lame number was in the EMC sponsored report) – and back it up!! At least I can pay for an SLA, get backups, DR, etc…

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