Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!

Wow, what a week for career moves!!

I’m sure no one noticed the comment on one of my really old posts, but Kevin Sheets at Qualis healthcare posted an Exchange opening in the comments. He’s not sure about using my new job board that focuses on Technology Infrastructure jobs (including, you guessed it Exchange & Storage jobs), perhaps the niche job boards are a little over rated, but they only take a couple minutes to setup and even less time to peruse for a new job!! (Btw, you can post a job)

Of course that’s not the only job related news I have….

EMC is following the herd and putting on a hiring event in Second Life!! I’m not sure if anyone is still in Second Life, but if they are EMC is going to try and recruit them…. The link has a bunch of jobs EMC is recruiting for, but nothing on where the physical location of the jobs will be (I don’t think they are hiring engineers to have a desk in world). In fact, I’m not sure how they will convince SL’ers to come to EMC at all considering I can’t get to SL with my company issued laptop due to a substandard graphics card (hmm, slight oversight). Looks like ‘Zilla is a little skeptical too…

And speaking of jobs, careers, etc… Almost every Lunch 2.0 host has been interested in hiring smart people and I have heard from a number of people trying to help people get hired. Perhaps we should get a Lunch 2.0 career event or career oriented talk at an upcoming event? I know my friend Nathan has a great startup job seeker site, but I’ve seen a lot of people interested in non-startup jobs too…


One Response to “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!”

  1. g Says:

    I can get to SL from my corp. laptop. :)

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