One week to go

Until Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Widemile!! There are still some seats left too!! If you want to get in or decided you won’t be able to make it – Go update your status at

This event should be good, loads of free organic food! Two great speakers who have built web marketing companies on the shoulders of their expertise in the field. Of course the usual networking with the local tech community!! All the details on bus service, parking, etc are ath the Seattle Lunch 2.0 wiki.

Also next week is the Boston Web Community Dinner that my friend Len is putting together with EMC’s wallet!! Perhaps if it’s a hit we’ll get a Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ EMC (of course we’ll have to top the HDS lunch). I won’t be in town for the lunch, that is the hard part about working remotely and being a huge fan of spending my spare time with my family….. I tend to miss the corporate sponsored fun.

Of course EMC’s internal blog platform is taking off, I have been busy getting a queue of blog posts, discussion boards, etc lined up to start feeding the Email community I am running there. I promise I’ll start dual posting some of the content too…


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