I’m no techcrunch….. but I do like technology and have a few friends and family in the technology industry. One of my various “in-law” family members went through a huge weight loss extravaganza and in the process realized there was no great place to connect with similar circles of people trying to lose weight like she was. Being an entrepreneurial type…. She started http://www.weightcircles.com

Recently, they put together a new release and she asked if I would check it out and give my opinion, of course that ment a blog entry for me, so I hope you don’t mind :)

After going to the site, and going through the super short registration process I was presented with a page full of mostly women talking about various items of their recent weight loss tirades. As I scrolled down I thought “ok fine, but it looks like a newsgroup”. I kept scrolling down and noticed there were specific weight loss blogs, someone starting a weight loss challenge, then I found it!! The weigt circle that was interesting, I forget what it was titled but the message was clear “I can eat right and excersice, but wine & beer have a lot of calories”. OOH, that one is for me!! A couple glasses of wine and I drank myself right into an extra half an hour on the eliptical. Damn! Sign me up for this one…. maybe there will be tips on a well made light wine….

So I joined the circle and found this particular circle was a little light on conversation…. Perhaps hiring a few college students to jump start the communities would be worth it? Who cares if the first few people in the circle weren’t active… I know I had some great things to share!! Good light beers? Check, tips on making mixed drinks lighter? Check…. ooh this is kind of a fun social media site!! Go check out my profile for my tips!!

I started browsing around a little more and found quite a few men & women actively participating in different circles and conversations.

The concept is interesting to me because it is not one of the big weight loss companies running the site. I can join with my own diet and excercise plan vs. joining because I started “weight watchers” or any of the other lame for profit companies out there. I found a lot of poeple in my same boat. Trying to collaborate with similar minded people trying to lose weight on their own. I also found a lot of people trying to lose weight through an organized plan… only they weren’t getting the support they needed. Perhaps weightcircles could benefit from partnering with the big weight loss companies to have their own space inside of the greater weight circles community.

Overall, I really like the site (nice work), the navigation is easy, finding like minded people are easy. There are also a lot of quick and easy ways to get involved. The adds are virtually non-existent so you have some room to add more ;) Plus getting some affiliate monetization would make a lot of sense for this kind of site.

Like I said, I would really like to see some of the major weight loss plans or companies on the site (I didn’t immediately see a frustrated with south beach circle). It would also be good to add a facebook interface to capture the facebook users. Another neat item might be live chat (we all know what it’s like at 9pm and the kids’ chocolate is calling our names).

If everyone else isn’t convinced yet, go check Weight Circles out and let me know what you think!


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