Life: Unemployment – Day 1

Well…. being unemployed officially rocks!! Today has been great!!

  1. Wake up – watch CNBC, read blogs, make kids lunch, etc (ok, nothing new here)
  2. Take kids to school – (nothing new here either)
  3. Bring dog – thoroughly wear him out w/ 6 mile run (wussy dog was begging to stop)
    1. Make note – Wednseday we’ll have to go further
  4. Get home – read for a couple hours about Alan Turing (what a couple hours reading in my fav chair on a Monday?)
  5. Show MIL to City Inspector
    1. Got approval – if you know anyone in need of a great place to rent….
  6. Post Ads to Rent MIL on Craigslist and Expo
  7. Do emails for Lunch 2.0 and read a few more blogs/news
  8. Upgrade laptop to Vista
  9. Check out the market….
    1. My personal portfolio is up…. and in the Stock Market Games – I am royally kicking my kids’ Arses!!



  1. Back to reading for the afternoon :p

2 Responses to “Life: Unemployment – Day 1”

  1. marc Says:

    Hey Josh, life as a daytimer! Best of luck on whatever comes next.

  2. Tim Says:

    8. Upgrade laptop to Vista….. I assume that went quite smoothly?? I put aside 3 days back when I upgraded!!

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