MS’s Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides

Let’s have some fun with my blog….

As some of you know, my wife works at MS these days and she recently shipped her first product over there (congrats hon!)…. She shipped the Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides which are a completely revamped and improved version of what used to be WSSRA. The new version focuses on teaching the design principles behind the technology so that you can learn to implement the technology in any scenario (where as the WSSRA version taught people about the “reference” scenario).

So these docs are actually fairly cool. I’ve read through them myself and am impressed.  I have already referred some colleagues of mine to them to help with things they are working on and would highly recommend the entire series (they have a lot more in the pipeline regarding pretty much EVERY MS product). For fun though (since my wife loves to talk about numbers of downloads of her docs)…. Can I just ask that you follow *MY* link to her docs so the reporting for this week shows a good number coming from my blog? It is my little way to show her that I love her…. link love… and you all can help :)

I’m not saying that you have to read them…. just follow the link and read them if they relate to anything you do everyday…

Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides




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