Life: Stock Game Update

Well the four weeks is almost up!! I can’t believe it either and with the market the way it has been the kids are shocked they could lose SO much money so quickly!!

Well today was a bit of a rebound…. or at least a pause in the bloodbath… so I figured it would be a perfect time to update everyone on our progress…

At the end of week two we all got to make some trades – WaMu stock was liquidated from the kids’ accounts at their own begging (and I ditched my Garmin Stock). Of course personally I am looking to get into the rock bottom wamu stock price to ride the elevator back up once they get their Sh*t together :)

Quentin moved the funds from his sale into a single Google stock hoping to ride more of the wave over there. Gabriel finally decided to try some tech stocks with Amazon (notice though he stuck with a retailer though), but of course he couldn’t resist another supermarket…. he went for Albertsons and got Supervalu :) Me, well I ditched my Garmin and heavily invested in $tarbucks…. I’m still not willing to make the move on my real investment account (although I did have to pick up the super low priced Yahoo)….

So what does it all mean? Well Quentin and My tech stock rollercoaster is interesting, while Gabriel’s retail supermarket highway is a solid bet (even if the return is low). Well despite all that I sure have learned a lot about market influences on kids and a lot about my own kids’ thoughts about free markets….. I am thinking I am going to play with this game a little more ;)



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