Avvo’s Seattle Lunch 2.0 Holiday Happy Hour

Wow, What a happy hour!! The folks over at Avvo know what they are doing!! The event was great… free food, free beer, free wine…. and a ton of Seattle’s tech community enjoying Avvo’s space. Of course Mark Britton carefully planned the dismissal of a major lawsuit against Avvo to coincide with the event. Added a little more reason to celebrate and a little more reason to say…. “Hah, web based companies these days have thought through what they are doing before starting a company”…. A much better feeling to have and a bit of a win for entering new market spaces for everyone.

My favorite comment of Mark‘s (if I remember it correctly)….. “If your customers primary means for finding information today is the yellow pages, you probably have a customer base out there” That’s a reasonable quote, of course he qualified it with all the usual other important things to feed the company, like finding good business partners, finding good models to make money, and using good technology.

They space they have is huge!! They have loads of room to grow in their office space near Macy’s!! Of course they have ~1100 sq ft to sublet if your interested. Of course I tried out the Avvo Answers and got a same day reply both times!! In case your not familiar with it, the Avvo Answers is a place anyone can go and get general legal advice (not binding, etc). I asked a basic question about legal requirements for taking my kids to Ireland, I am hoping to have a good answer soon!!

There are a few more Lunches in the works and a few more ways to get involved. Check out the http://Seattle.Lunch20.com wiki to stay in the loop!!


2 Responses to “Avvo’s Seattle Lunch 2.0 Holiday Happy Hour”

  1. conradavvocom Says:

    Josh – it was a pleasure to host. I trust everyone had a good time; perhaps we should make this an annual event.


  2. Holiday 2.0 Gig at Avvo this Afternoon - Avvo Blog Says:

    […] forget our holiday 2.0 gig at Avvo’s new teal-carpeted offices from 4-6 […]

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