Does Twittering count as blogging?

I’m sure this has been asked by all sorts of people all the time, but when I googled the title of this post the first thing I got was… Twitter’s blog?!

Well fine then :p

I guess I’ll have to share all the groovy pics of the Seattle Lunch 2.0s that have been happening around here. The last one (last friday for those not in the loop), was over at Ontela and was an absolute Smash!! Thanks to Rob over there at Ontela for doing all the work to make sure we could completely take over the place with our 200+ attendees!! Also thanks to Dan for sharing his company with us…. and of course Geir over at Silicon Valley Bank and Craig over at WSGR for sponsoring and everyone else who mentioned the event!! Btw, if you’re interested in sponsoring a future event – please let me know!!

Btw, there are pics of the blist lunch up as well they are just before the pics of my family trip to Ireland…. Also you can view them in the Seattle Lunch 2.0 Flickr Group. Btw, Beth – how do I turn my flickr group into a zumobi square?


One Response to “Does Twittering count as blogging?”

  1. Beth Says:

    we have a super secret thing we’re working on that when released will have you up and running with your very own flickr group Tile in a jiffy! i’ll keep you posted :)

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