Life: family visits

We’ve been a regular hotel these last few weeks at the Maher residence.

Two weeks ago we had my father-in-law and his current wife over for a couple nights before he made his way down to Ventura to go drive some boats around.

Last week we had the pleasure of my mother-in-law, who happens to be one of those high paid consultants that works from home…you know the ones I’m talking about….the ones where you think “We’re paying them how much? To do what?”…..well you’re paying them to do my laundry!! Thanks Ma!! All kidding aside, she is overly bright, I have seen some of her work and she spends her evenings re-writing the PMBOK, so I guess she’s one of the exceptions.

Now we’re off to a friend’s wedding this evening and have my brother-in-law staying over along with his friend so that they can do the photography for the wedding (they are budding photographers and have twice the amount of gear they probably need and are fretting over the manuals – this is really fun to see the ambition and pleasure these guys are getting out of this engagement)….and of course the wedding is later in the day today, so mother-in-law (not the one that was here last week, but father-in-law’s new wife) is staying the weekend as well to hang out with her grandsons while all of her various “children” are off hanging out at a wedding. I guess it’s at the Clise mansion, as in the family that just lost the huge $7b real estate deal in the Denny triangle in Seattle. Should be interesting to see….

Oh and did I mention Brunch tomorrow with…Robin’s high school friend who happens to be in town this weekend too? Luckily brother-in-law and his friend will have left considering our car only holds seven people….Ahh, what it’s like to marry into a rather large family with lots of frequent flyer miles….

All said….I have nothing to complain about though, I think a B&B ownership could definitely fly as a revenue source. Now is there a good web 2.0 B&B finder out there?


2 Responses to “Life: family visits”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Was just doing some googling and found your blog…and here you are talking about me!

    I think a correct statement would be that we had about 3x the amount of stuff we needed, and I only remember getting out one of my manuals, and you weren’t home then!

    I’m sure there’s some sort of market out there for people whose family comes into town and needs a place to stay. I know that we don’t really have room for anyone, but the whole point of family coming to stay with you while in town is that:

    1. They get to see/bug you
    2. The price is right. They’d likely visit far less often if they had to pay for a hotel or b&b (this could be good or bad, I suppose). In your case, at least you guys can go out (to the wedding or wherever) and have somebody to watch the kids for free.

  2. Josh Maher Says:

    Yeah, you never know what people say about you on the internet :) I guess that can be a good and bad thing…. I’m glad you were over though Jeremy!!

    I can’t wait to see some of the photos you guys took at the wedding… some of those shots you took of the kids could turn out great!! Now I’ve subscribed to your feed….

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