Mobile banking and Enterprise Messaging

It’s official now!! WaMu has a mobile banking offering, this may be old news to most…. But new news to a lot of you. With the mobile banking project off the ground and the engineering team in capable hands… I am going to take on some Messaging work J

If you’re one of the growing crowd who has been asking me questions about MS Exchange, RIM, Mobility, or messaging/DR/storage in general, looking for me to consult on a messaging related project, work on a book or analyst engagement, or simply looking for advice….sorry that I was slow to respond for the last few months!! The opportunity to deploy mobile banking at my favorite local bank was too cool to pass up!! The good news though? Yes, I’ll be more available to the exchange community and am looking at some interesting messaging related engagements over the next few months that I will certainly be talking about here!! One of those should be a continuation of the UC Do ers user group, focused on messaging and unified communications. If you missed the re-launch of the user group…. Don’t worry, we’ll have regular meetings organized in the near future!!

Of course I’ll still be running Seattle Lunch 2.0 and in fact have some awesome events coming up!! One of the companies that is going to be hosting, just purchased a company who previously sponsored!! Very cool to see the Seattle Lunch 2.0 network in action for employment opportunities, making/retaining important business connections, generating buzz for your business, and of course getting a free lunch!! I’ll post soon about the upcoming Happy Hour on Friday the 13th!!


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