Upcoming Community Events

If you find yourself in need of something to do this afternoon….

The First Seattle LivePitch is being put on today!! Carolynn Duncan from Funding Universe is hosting this event, there was a preview that I participated in at the Six Hour Startup conference a few weeks back and it was a blast (I finished in the top three)….

The cool thing is that if you aren’t able to attend (like myself) Gnomedex’s Chris Pirillo will be livestreaming the event at http://live.pirillo.com!! Very cool!

If you are able to attend the event details are:

  • 2-3:30 pm Pacific.
  • Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.
  • 14 companies presenting 2 minute pitches.
  • Pay at the event what it’s worth to you.
  • Audience/panel will have $100 of fake money to “invest” in their favorite company, and  2 winners will be declared.

RSVP Here: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/660044

Of course if you can’t watch the stream or make it in person, nPost has a few events coming up that look interesting as well….

Golfers, wanna be golfers, or anyone that wants to hit a little ball around on a (hopefully) sunny day.  nPost is hosting a Golf Scramble (a lot more fun, so no one needs to be a golf pro to play – thanks to Josh Potter for the suggestion!) next Friday, June 27th in the late morning / early afternoon.  There is one spot open if you are interested in attending.  If we have enough interest, we can always add another Tee Time.  Feel free to register today:
Register: http://wiki.npost.com/index.php?title=NPostWiki:Golf20

nPost is also hosting a large networking event for the local startup community on Tuesday, July 15th at the Columbia City Theater.  Our events are free and bring together a strong group of entrepreneurs and investors.  For this event, we will select five companies to present and demo to attendees (1 minute pitch at the beginning of the event and will demo for the rest of the evening).  If you are interested in featuring your startup, please submit your startup.  Thanks to Silicon Valley Bank and Sun Microsystems, for making the event possible and providing the 100 free drink ticketsClearwire will be providing Internet access. 
Register: http://wiki.npost.com/index.php?title=NPostWiki:Seattle-event-jul

Loads of great events here!! Plus the next Northwest Unified Communications User Group meeting should be announced soon… and the next Seattle Lunch 2.0 should be announced soon…. Hope to see you around


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