Microsoft Online — Part 1

I signed up for the Microsoft Online Beta (without a promo code) and had access within a day. Of course I proceeded to play with Microsoft online for the rest of the day — trying to get it up and running, getting errors every third screen or so, but certainly appreciating the ease of use for administering Exchange through this new interface….

I’ll post my thoughts and walk through the whole thing (moving over a domain, adding users, migrations, user access, etc).

When you first get your admin account, logging in brings you to the admin console where the initial tasks for configuring your domains and users are front and center. Setting up the primary SMTP domain is obviously a critical task. If you want to just play around with it, I recommend obtaining a domain to test with or else you won’t be able to fully try out the features.

I setup my SMTP domain for and started configuring users…there are only five Exchange/Sharepoint licenses with the beta account I got (luckily the admin account is not included in those licenses).

There is a support section (which I’ve used), the submission is easy and there is a console to track requests. I’ll get into my support experiences later…

The services (Exchange, Sharepoint, & LiveMeeting) have a configuration screen to modify basic settings.

The Exchange services section outlines the domains that are configured, the available & used storage, and is where additional mail configuration can be done per domain. As you can see, there is one default domain with an odd naming scheme, and I have added my one SMTP domain below as well.

The last major tab is the Migration tab, this is where moving from your in-house Exchange environment can be done. This is also where coexistence can be configured and where directory synchronization can be configured.







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