Microsoft Online – Part 4 Creating Users

Now that we have registered for Microsoft Online, added our SMTP domain, and are accepting inbound messages…. We might as well get some users to send and receive emails.

Keep in mind, if this were a migration from an existing email system, the users would be step two (not three) and all users would be migrated to Microsoft Online and sending emails before inbound email was configured.

To simply add new users, not in the midst of a migration (migrations are their own animal that we will cover later, navigate to the users tab. Notice that the beta offering only allows for 5 user licenses. Once on the Users tab, Click the “Add new user” link on the right hand side under “Actions”.

After clicking the link, a new wizard pops up. The New User wizard, walks through the steps to create a mailbox user. The wizard is straight forward and clearly marks the required fields. When filling this out, keep in mind that these are the address book settings that will show up later, so things like job title, phone number, etc are all things that should be filled in the same way as you would for your in-house messaging system.

After clicking next, the security settings are available. Microsoft Online sets a new user password to something that is difficult to remember. Write it down or copy it into an email to the user receiving the new account. At this point the option to set the new user as an administrator is also available. As with a production system, choosing who is an administrator should be a careful task. There is also an option to enable the user, if the goal is to create a new user that will login and begin using the system right away (as in my example), then select this option. Otherwise leave the account created and enable it at a later time.

After Clicking next the services options are brought up. This is where the user can be configured for each of the services that have been enabled for the domain. In our case, we are going to go with the default config of a 1GB mailbox, 10MB message size limits, and 90% full warnings.

That’s it!! A new Microsoft Online user has been created with a mailbox!! The confirmation page has an option to send an email notification or simply closing the window.

Once there are users created, there is usually a need to manage more details about the users such as editing the users, getting the users onto the system, etc. These topics are covered in the upcoming posts…


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