Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Evri – Happy Hour this afternoon

WOW!! In case you didn’t have anything else to do this afternoon….

Evri is hosting a Seattle Lunch 2.0 – happy hour event that should be a blast!!

Evri, a pre-beta content connection engine is going to host a happy hour on July 24th!! This will be a great place for devs to talk algorithms, entrepreneurs to get talk about how their going to make money, and press to get the scoop!! From what I hear these guys have some cool secret sauce that I’m hoping to hear more about…. Luckily Evri’s CEO Neil Roseman will be there talking about Evri’s product, how it works, and how we make browsing the internet more effective.

I think the RSVP is full, but in case anyone cancels at the last minute, go check it out and see if you can register!!!

There are a few more coming up in August that are just as good if you can’t get in to this one :)


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